Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Daily - Days 4 - 6

I am managing to keep up to date so far, which surprises me since I am so busy at work! I am really enjoying the process so far and although it took me a few days to get in to the swing and feel of my album, I am now beginning to really like how it is coming together.

Day 4 focussed on everything I have got going on at work. I took a photo of all of the children's Christmas gifts lined up ready to be wrapped and packaged in to bags. I also took a photo of some of the work I have been proof reading and printing. I used the gold number 4 from the kit and did a small amount of embellishment on the corner of the large photo.

Day 5 was all about making Christmas biscuits, which is a big deal for me since I hardly bake. I have left the back of the number 4 showing through. Not sure if I will leave it like that or not. I added in a small pocket which holds a print out of the recipe I used. Then I just had photos with small embellishments from the Ali Edwards kit. 

Day 6 was a busy one, so there were lots of photos. I decided to print straight on to the photos about my morning activities and then I included smaller photos from my work Christmas party. I placed the silver Christmas cheer tag right on top of the page protector. 

Hope you have all enjoyed your first December weekend!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Daily - Day 2 and 3

Trying to keep this project simple at the moment so I can stay on track!

For day 2 I took a photo of the Hot Chocolate station that I have set up at home. Unfortunately the temperatures have been very high here to start December and the hot chocolate part hasn't had much use.. but the chocolates have!! :) I didn't have a lot to add, so I cut a page protector in half and added a small tab from the kit to show the division. I think I will use these tabs any time I add in a smaller page.

For day 3 I decided to talk about the new Christmas music mix that I have put together on iTunes. I took a screenshot of the song list and printed it out 6x8 with an Ali Edwards overlay. At the bottom I added some washi tape and one of the gold stars. I also added two 4x6 photos back to back and punched holes in them to add between the pages. These photos were of my Kinder kids enjoying wearing Santa hats, so I have kept them out of the photos on here due to privacy!

Hope everyone is enjoying creating their own albums!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily 2014

So let's try this again…. I have started a December Daily album for the past two years but am yet to finish one! I was doing well in 2012 until my computer crashed and burned around the 8th and I spent the rest of December getting it fixed. This meant meant no printing photos or journalling which completely threw of the progress I had made. I tried again in 2013, however only made it about a page in when the holiday season overtook me and it got placed aside. I have actually been going back and adding pages to last years over the past month. I am determined to not let that happen this year!

I bought the Ali Edwards kit this year and am hoping that will keep me on track. Here is the opening page that I created using one of the transparencies.

And here is my Day 1… a bit about my advent calendar and a photo of my niece and nephew all excited about the return of their Elf 'Peppermint'.

I like the idea of having a repeating element in my pages and was thinking that I would use a journalling card for each day, but I think I will see how I go. I am already struggling for ideas for what to put in during the week. I am single and my job if fairly repetitive, so I guess I will just have to see how it plays out!